EmbraceRF in San Jose – How Effective Is It?

EmbraceRF in San Jose - How Effective Is It?

EmbraceRF in San Jose – How Effective Is It?

We all want to look and feel young. But how can that be done when the effects of aging won’t leave us alone?

Do you think a balanced diet and regular exercise are enough to keep you young and fresh forever? Can these two fundamentals stop your youthful skin from turning wrinkly or saggy?

Of course, not!

It is obvious that apart from diet and exercise, you also need to undergo specific skincare treatments.

Are you wondering which is the best treatment for tissue remodeling? Are you looking for ways to deal with double chin and saggy skin?

If your answer is a yes, try EmbraceRF!

It is an amazing non-surgical treatment that does wonders on your skin and helps you regain your skin’s firmness.

Undoubtedly, EmbraceRF is the best way to get an aesthetic appearance, especially when you are unwilling to get a Facelift (a surgical treatment).

Are you wondering what EmbraceRF is? Why is it the best treatment? What about its downtime? And yes, which is the best spot to get it from?

Calm down! We will answer all these queries in this article. So, stay along!

EmbraceRF San Jose - How Effective Is It - What is


What is EmbraceRF in San Jose?

EmbraceRF is an innovative treatment that tightens your skin and reduces fat, luckily without surgical procedures or large incisions.

Moreover, it treats your stubborn facial fats and tightens your skin using radiofrequency (RF) and bipolar RF energy. The results you get are long-lasting with less downtime.

EmbraceRF offers three FDA-Approved Services:

  1. FaceTite: The procedure that tightens the larger areas of your face, like skin and fat of the chin or jowls.
  2. AccuTite: It addresses smaller saggy areas of the skin.
  3. Morpheus8: A micro-needling treatment that tightens the skin, makes the wrinkles smooth, and stimulates collagen production.

Sounds amazing!

EmbraceRF San Jose - How Effective Is It - Before and After


EmbraceRF and Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know what EmbraceRF is, let’s find the answers to some commonly asked questions about it.

How is EmbraceRF performed?

In this process, a needle-entry probe is inserted beneath the skin of the targeted area. Later, the probe conducts RF energy and heats the underlying tissues.

The handpiece treats the external skin.

EmbraceRF San Jose - How Effective Is It - Sessions


How long are EmbraceRF sessions?

You do not need to wait long to see EmbraceRF’s result. It is a one-time procedure, and results are visible after one treatment, and they will keep improving over the first year.

In a nutshell, you get younger, thinner, and more contoured skin right after one session.

How long does this procedure take, and what does recovery involve?

EmbraceRF is an approximately 45 minutes long procedure that is performed under local anesthesia.

Perhaps, you may get swelling, some minor bruising, or tenderness in the treated area, but it will be recovered within 48 hours. The silver lining of EmbraceRF is its less downtime.

Am I a good candidate for EmbraceRF in San Jose?

EmbraceRF is a suitable process for both men and women, most significantly for those in their thirties or above.

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La Bella at San Jose- The Best Place for EmbraceRF
If you are interested in EmbraceRF and want to get this treatment, contact the experienced cosmetic surgeons at La Bella, San Jose.

There, you can choose any of the 3 EmbraceRF procedures: FaceTitie, AccuTite, or Morpheus8 for the treatment of your saggy skin.    


It is pleasing that at La Bella, you get the chance to undergo any of the three procedures according to your skin condition.


The pro cosmetic surgeon at La Bella will surprise you with their professional services, and eventually, you will get the desired results.

All in all, La Bella’s team is dedicated to revitalizing your skin and boosts your confidence.

EmbraceRF and Our Takeaway

Many of us want to restore our beauty without going through a surgical process. In this regard, the best solution is EmbraceRF.

It is the middle ground of surgical and non-surgical treatment, and it has less downtime and long-lasting results than any non-surgical treatment.

This procedure improves your deep lines, double chin, facial folds, jowls, and neck tightness. In short, this treatment efficiently enhances your skin texture.

You see, age is just a number; you can boost your beauty and slay even after your thirties.

Thus, if you want your skin to talk, shine, and smile, visit La Bella, San Jose, right away. Get any EmbraceRF treatments, including FaceTite, AccuTite, or Morpheus8, and let the wonders begin!




La Bella Cosmetic Surgery Center is now open and we are implementing all safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our patients and employees.

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