Activated PRP Treatment In San Jose: Overall Youthfulness And Glow For Skin & Body

Activated PRP Treatment

Activated PRP Treatment In San Jose: Overall Youthfulness And Glow For Skin & Body

Are you not familiar with the on-going fuss about platelet-rich plasma or PRP? It is a stunning cosmetic injectable treatment for repairing the signs of aging and naturally rejuvenating the skin.

PRP treatments can also be used for hair restoration and other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. The platelets contain many growth factors that can boost cell proliferation, stimulate tissue regeneration, and speed healing in the treated area.

A PRP treatment in San Jose involves reinjecting your platelets into your skin. It provides an abundance of growth possibilities that stimulate the body’s natural healing process, helping patients achieve soothing rejuvenation.


The procedure

Initially, the surgeon draws blood from the patient’s arm and then distinguishes the PRP from the rest of the blood particles.

After using lidocaine to numb the area that requires treatment, the doctor gently injects the PRP into a few places under the skin. The platelets release their growth factors by breaking down, which triggers the natural process of tissue renewal and cell proliferation.

Moreover, PRP for plantar fasciitis can also be done at our clinic. It is a regenerative treatment for Plantar Fascitis that uses one injection of your platelets to induce the body’s natural regeneration and repair process.

The procedure isn’t lengthy; it hardly takes 30 minutes. Most people can instantly return to their normal activities once the treatment is over.


PRP treatment for face

A PRP treatment for the face is also titled the “vampire facial,” a radical skincare treatment that uses your body’s natural powers to heal. It is called the vampire treatment because it involves the withdrawal of blood.

When the platelets in the plasma are intense, the magic happens. As blood is made up of four primary elements: white blood cells, platelets, plasma, and red blood cells, these components must be separated by density. After that, the platelets are transferred to the plasma, excluding the white and red blood cells.


The essential details of PRP

  • PRP injections are used to support wound healing in joint injury and trauma. The PRP for hair technique can address male baldness and stimulate hair growth.
  • PRP results are most apparent after six months. However, they are not perpetual; patients may need touch-up injections at least once every year.
  • Because the treatment demands a patient’s tissues, PRP injections can be overseen alone or used with other cosmetic procedures because they are safe.
  • The local injections of PRP offer a promising therapy for tennis elbow and golfers elbow. It is both effective and safe in improving function and relieving pain.
  • Athletes also use PRP to recover more quickly from a variety of injuries, including tendon and ligament injuries. PRP injections accelerate healing so athletes can return to their sport faster, with less risk of re-injury.


The cost of PRP Treatment in San Jose

Doctors use PRP to promote healing and reduce inflammation. The cost of PRP Treatment is $500 per tube at La Bella Cosmetic Surgery.


How long does it take to recover from PRP injections?

The recovery time for PRP injections is relatively quick, including a few days of soreness and improvement with time. For joint injections to treat pain from sports injuries, expect a lot of soreness and swelling for 3-6 days. In any case, improvements will occur within a week; just take this PRP before and after treatment as an example:

Activated PRP Treatment Before and After

PRP treatment in San Jose

If you have been susceptible to any injuries, shoulder pain, or just need a treatment that will naturally rejuvenate your skin and body, prefer to get free consults at La Bella Cosmetic. Dr. Dang will guide you through the process and get rid of your problems.

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