Cheek Liposuction in San Jose: Make Cheekbones High & Prominent

Cheeks Liposuction in San Jose Make Cheekbones High & Prominent

Cheek Liposuction in San Jose: Make Cheekbones High & Prominent

It is sheer luck to have high cheekbones because prominent cheekbones make a person look superior and charming.

But many people with saggy skin or fatty cheeks have shaken confidence and depressed hearts. But here is good news, guess what? You can get rid of all excessive fat without getting involved in strict and month-awaited diet plans.

Yes, you read it right- no more chubby cheeks!

Just like the chin, thigh, or abdomen liposuction, you can get a Liposuction for your cheek area too. That Cheek Liposuction will help you to cherish a contoured cheekbone and slim appearance.

Some questions may confuse you regarding Cheek Liposuction, like what is cheek liposuction and what does it is used for? And yes, what are the benefits of getting the service? Moreover, How can you find a quality service provider around you?

Keep reading to get your answer and learn about the magical cheek liposuction for an attractive and charming look.


What is Cheeks Liposuction in San Jose?

Cheek liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that permanently removes stubborn fat cells from the cheeks/buccal area to help you achieve that defined jawline that you’ve always wanted.

Hence, it sharpens, contours, and highlights the site to mimic a slimmer, smarter, and age-rewind face.

Cheeks Liposuction in San Jose before after

Liposuction requires some time to heal, and as the skin heals, it automatically molds around the newly shaped area. So, you can offer a warm welcome to a more defined jawline!


How would you decide on a Fat-reducing Procedure?

The core purpose of visiting the cosmetic surgeon is to get to the most feasible fat-reduction procedure.

After careful analysis and strategic approach, the cosmetic surgeon may offer you various approaches to choose from. Usually, she may offer:

●     Cheek Liposuction:

Cheek liposuction is performed as any other liposuction procedure to remove fat areas from the cheeks and contour the face. The cosmetic surgeon decides if the patient will get desired results with cheek liposuction only or a combination facelift procedure.

●     Cheek or Mid Face Lift

Every face is different, and hence, the treatment plan varies from patient to patient. For some, the surgeon may prefer a mid-facelift, sometimes called a cheek lift, where the cosmetic surgeon tightens the skin from the upper mouth to the eye area.


The cosmetic surgeon makes tiny incisions under local anesthesia, removes excess fat and skin, and stretches the skin for tightness to ensure smoother results.

Be careful; transitioning from a chubby face to a sculpted look isn’t subtle at all! That’s why you need to choose your cosmetic surgeon quite carefully.


How is Cheeks Liposuction Usually Performed?

An incision is made in non-noticeable areas to proceed with the cheek liposuction. Here, the cosmetic surgeon decides on the technique from the available options above.

Cheeks Liposuction in San Jose how

Mostly, the cosmetic surgeon uses a Tumescent Procedure, where Dr. Dang inserts a solution of saline, analgesics, and epinephrine to numb up the area. This swollen Cheek will make more room for easy fat removal.

Regardless of the technique used, a blunt cannula connected to suction tubing is finally inserted into the incision that sucks up broken fat afterward. The patient will be provided with a compression garment for the face to help with any swelling and healing.


How is Cheeks Liposuction Performed in San Jose?

Cheek liposuction is a quick, simple, and utterly non-invasive outpatient procedure that takes about 30-60 minutes. The good thing is, you can leave for home right after the process.

The cosmetic surgeon carefully and strategically marks the cheek area to be targeted using a sterile skin-friendly pen.

Cheek Liposuction in San Jose is a quick and safe process. We use local anesthesia (tumescent) and give supportive medicines. It puts the patient in a state of conscious sedation and patients are monitored frequently during the process for safety. It is a much safer alternative to general anesthesia.


Why Choose La Bella for Cheek Liposuction:   

Are you also considering getting face or cheek liposuction? Looking forward to getting a slim look and high cheekbones? If your answer is yes, then La Bella Cosmetic Surgery is the best center to get personalized care and painless cheek liposuction.

Dr. Dang, who has over 14 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, helps the patients to achieve the body of their dreams.

To schedule a FREE consultation for cheek fat removal, make a ring at 408-531-9970 and leave every stress behind!




La Bella Cosmetic Surgery Center is now open and we are implementing all safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our patients and employees.

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