Chin augmentation in San Jose: The carving of a proportionate face

chin augmentation in san jose

Chin augmentation in San Jose: The carving of a proportionate face

For both males and females, a sharp jawline is the cornerstone of an attractive face. The purpose of chin augmentation in San Jose is to enhance the jawline’s contours, neck, and chin, thereby beautifying the overall facial appearance. This cosmetic procedure is done by using chin implants. The adjustment of synthetic implants near the existing chin bone rectifies the face’s underlying shape, which, as a bonus, balances the other facial features.

Moreover, chin augmentation can provide an undying solution for a depressed chin during a procedure without general anesthesia. Keep reading to find out everything about chin augmentation.

How Does Chin Augmentation Work?

Chin improvement surgery, also known as chin augmentation, enhances the near-chin areas of the face. Typically, surgery includes the placement of a silicone implant around a patient’s chin bone to augment the chin’s shape and size to create a more naturally appealing balance between other facial features.

Chin augmentation in San Jose is carried out with the use of lidocaine (local anesthesia). A tiny incision is made underneath the chin. The surgeon makes space for adjusting the chin plant and fits it in the chin bone through this incision.

It takes less than 1 hour to complete the surgery. However, if you are considering about getting other procedures, the time will increase. To conclude the surgery, the incision is closed, and the surgeon will bandage the chin.

Here’s what a chin augmentation before and after looks like:

chin augmentation in san jose before and after

Chin Implant

Wherever possible, a chin implant is highly preferred. It offers a risk-free surgery. Its most common uses are for patients with under-projected or receding chin.

Before the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon determines the chin’s shape and size and molds the implant accordingly. In addition to this, a silicone chin implant is used, lasting for years without breaking over time.


Chin Augmentation in San Jose with Fat Transfer

The cosmetic surgeon at La Bella Cosmetic Surgery also does a fat transfer to the chin from a particular area of the body to enhance the jawline’s sharpness and smoothness. It is a minimally-invasive, terrific way to augment the chin to create a seamless transition between the jaw and the chin.


Chin Augmentation Recovery Time

Many chin augmentation patients experience minor downtime and get back to their regular duties within 2 weeks after the procedure. Discomfort is minimal and instantly controlled with cold compresses or pain medication.

Moreover, you have to sleep face-up, with your head elevated, for at least two weeks to prevent post-op swelling and secure your healing incisions.


Booking a Chin Augmentation in San Jose

Are you thinking of getting a chin augmentation surgery in San Jose? Look no further because Dr. Dang at La Bella Cosmetic Surgery has all the experience and skills needed to re-carve your chin into something less recessed and more appealing.

To schedule a FREE consultation for chin augmentation, call our office at 408-531-9970.




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