Labiaplasty in San Jose: The Improvement of Your Hidden Part

Labiaplasty in San Jose The Improvement of Your Hidden Part

Labiaplasty in San Jose: The Improvement of Your Hidden Part

Due to childbirth, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, or aging, many women may suffer from expanded inner or outer labia. Easy to say, when the labia minora or Majora become elongated, it can create waves of self-consciousness in women about the appearance of her vulva.

And if you’re feeling the same about your innards, a Labiaplasty in San Jose is the perfect solution for you!

Now, Labiaplasty isn’t just a supermodel’s thing – it is for everyone!

Plus, excess skin may seem bearable, but what will you do at the time of “the reveal?” Weird, that’s what! You should know, hanging skin can also become prickly when wearing snugger clothes or cause pain when exercising.

Therefore, a labiaplasty procedure minimizes the size of either the labia minora or Majora for increased comfort and beautiful aesthetics.

Are you not convinced yet? Well, it’s a good thing that we still have a lot to say about Labiaplasty!


How Is a Labiaplasty Procedure Carried Out?

A labiaplasty at La Bella Cosmetic only requires lidocaine – the patient will be wide awake during the procedure. General anesthesia is not used; however, some patients may be given an oral sedative for maximum comfort throughout the surgery.

The patient will comfortably lay on the table with legs spread apart. Based on the patient’s needs, there are two primary methods for a labial reduction: wedge or trim.

The wedge method eliminates a pie-shaped portion of tissue from the labia and improves the tissue’s edges, shrinking and tightening the length of the labia. The trim method, on the other hand, only removes external tissues from the labia.

Many women combine a labiaplasty with a handful of other vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, such as vaginaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, or perineoplasty.

And lastly, closure is gained with dissolvable stitches.

Important Note: As tempting to get a Labiaplasty, it should always be done on girls over 18 because the labia start developing beyond puberty into early parent life.


What Is the Prime Goal of the Procedure?

This vaginal surgery’s primary goal is to remove excess tissue so that nothing is left hanging outside of the labia. The treatment typically focuses on the inner lips, or minora, of the vagina. However, it may address some issues regarding the outer lips as well.


Recovery From a Labiaplasty in San Jose

After six weeks of the procedure, you will likely be able to return to your daily routine. However, you must avoid horseback riding, tampon use, sexual activity, and biking until you have crossed the 6th week.

For ultimate satisfaction, check out this Labiaplasty before and after sample:

Labiaplasty in San Jose before after

A Labiaplasty in San Jose

Are you looking for a free consult on whether you should get Labiaplasty done or not? The consults at La Bella Cosmetic can help you out! And when you are done with your decision, Dr. Dang will be the one to conduct your surgery!

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