Neck Lift In San Jose

Neck Lift In San Jose

Neck Lift In San Jose

A graceful, evenly-tight neckline adds a sense of refinement that benefits a person’s overall appearance. Through a neck lift in San Jose, patients of any age can achieve a precise and naturally appealing neckline.

No one likes to be told from the looks that they look old. Unfortunately, specific aspects of our appearance tend to deceive our proceeding years much quicker than others. One of these features is our neck.

This is mainly because, like our face, our neck’s fragile skin is more sensitive than that on other parts of our body. The effects of pollution, sun damage, and other factors combined with the natural loss of skin firmness and elasticity that occurs as we age means that our neck can suffer severe aging signs before the other areas.

And that’s why a neck lift surgery is preferred. Here is your quick guide to a neck lift in San Jose and how it happens.


What is a Neck Lift in San Jose?

A neck lift, commonly known as, Platysmaplasty, fights physical aging by tightening the skin around the china and neck, including the saggy skin that creates “jowls,” or what you may know as the famous “turkey neck.”

When combined with other cosmetic procedures, the neck lift procedure can efficiently restore a youthful appearance to the entire face. Despite the astounding results that can be achieved, it is still surgical treatment. As with any other surgery procedure, there are some careful decisions and considerations that require attention.


Are you the Right Candidate for a Neck Surgery?

A patient is a good candidate for neck surgery only if:

  • The patient has droopy skin under their neck
  • There are several lines and folds around the neck
  • Your skin has lost its balance, and you need a sleeker neck with a precise jawline that highlights your neck from your face


The Goals of a Neck Lift in San Jose Surgery

  • Smooths our creases and wrinkles throughout the neck
  • Eliminates or reduces a “turkey neck” by removing saggy skin
  • The results of a neck lift surgery are long-lasting
  • It enhances the appearance of vertical neck bands


The Recovery

The neck lift recovery time may include several weeks and months because patients have to deal with a lot of swelling after the surgery. Once the swelling goes away, patients can witness beautiful results; just take a look at this stunning neck lift before and after transition:

Make sure you have someone with you to help you during these weeks/months of recovery time.

Most people take one week off from the routine duties and stay at home for rest, and hence, they recover quickly. Moreover, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to speed up the recovery process.

Neck Lift In San Jose Before and After

A Neck Lift in San Jose

Are you on-board with the idea of getting a neck lift in San Jose? You’ve made the right decision because the consults at La Bella Cosmetic are free, and the advice is phenomenal.

Prefer to book a free consultation for a neck lift at 408-531-9970 and rejuvenate that neck.




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