Non-Surgical Thread Facelift

Non-Surgical Thread Facelift

Do age-related skin concerns have you down? Instantly lift your loose facial skin and elevate your perspective on life with our new thread facelift!

Up until recently, facelift surgery was the only option for treating issues like jowls and drooping cheeks brought on by facial skin laxity during the aging process.

While facelift surgery works for many, not everyone is willing or able to have this surgery. If you fall into this group, you’ll be pleased to learn that a new procedure called thread facelift has been created to bridge the gap between non-invasive facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery.


What Is a Thread Facelift?

At La Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we perform Sillhouette Instalift for our thread facelift procedure. Silhouette Instalift is a novel dual-action cosmetic rejuvenation device that’s minimally invasive. A thread facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses unique micro-suspension technology (MST) applying absorbable cones to instantly lift aging skin in the mid-face area and gradually restore facial volume. By putting medical-grade threads into your face and then pushing your skin up by tightening the thread, thread facelifts work to tighten your skin to produce similar results to a surgical facelift.

We utilize the biocompatible temporary sutures used in Silhouette Instalift to raise the face. The threads used during this procedure are considerably different because the Silhouette Instalift is primarily focused on lifting the skin immediately and restoring collagen lost during the aging process. Instead of being smooth or barbed, they have a multitude of sutures and tiny “cones” that are good at grabbing tissue throughout. This enables the threads to gather more skin, giving the cheeks and jowls a more obvious lift.

Patients can anticipate that their Silhouette Instalift will have an immediate and noticeable impact on their appearance for many years because Silhouette Instalift threads are made to produce quite long-lasting and natural results all while producing a secondary regenerating action.

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What are the Advantages Of Having A Thread Lift Instead Of a Facelift?

  1. Less Time Needed for Recovery

Compared to a surgical facelift, a thread facelift needs much lesser recovery time. A thread facelift requires substantially less anesthesia and is less intrusive.

A thread lift frequently makes healing simpler for the patient. At La Bella Cosmetic Surgery, a small amount of lidocaine is used as an anesthetic to perform the minimally invasive thread facelift. The patient is left with no swelling or pain after the procedure.

Even the time taken to perform the facial threading is significantly less than that of a facelift. Facelift surgery takes anywhere between 2-6 hours, whereas skin threading is done in just 45 minutes or less.

[Source: Unsplash: (https://unsplash.com/photos/2rrsfMN4hn8)]


  1. No Scarring

Facial threading involved in a thread lift is noninvasive and has minimal risk. This indicates that there is almost no chance of scarring. People who get a surgical facelift frequently worry about scarring.

Post thread facelift – only the small puncture site is visible for just a week. Other than that, there is no pain or swelling that occurs during or after the thread facelift procedure.


  1. More Affordable

Compared to surgical facelifts, the thread facelift procedure is less expensive. This is so that they can be performed more easily with our new technology in less procedure time and does not require general anesthesia as some other clinics do.


  1. Fewer Potential Side Effects or Problems

The minimally invasive thread facelifts offer a low risk of problems. It has been FDA-cleared in the U.S. since 2015. General anesthesia is not required for the thread facelift procedure. In other words, a thread facelift patient is not in danger of experiencing general anesthetic-related side effects that can come with getting a facelift procedure done elsewhere.


Targeted Areas for A Thread Lift

When certain facial areas “sag” or start to seem less firm with time, many people choose the thread facelift procedure. These areas are:

  • Cheeks and Mid-Face
  • Jowls
  • Jawline

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Where To Get The Best Thread Lift?

Do you intend to get a thread facelift? You’re welcome at La Bella Cosmetic Surgery anytime! Dr. Dang can help you go back in time to when you were younger and she has 15 years of experience. Call 408-531-9970 to schedule a free consultation appointment with our expert aesthetic practitioner.





La Bella Cosmetic Surgery Center is now open and we are implementing all safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our patients and employees.

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