Nose reshaping and alar reduction in San Jose

nose reshaping in san jose

Nose reshaping and alar reduction in San Jose

A face that often makes heads turn is all about proportion and balance. Your nose is the front and center of the face, and it provides a foundation for maintaining an aesthetic balance.

It can be hard to live with a nose that, according to you, throws off your facial features, or just doesn’t look right on your face.

Therefore, if the shape of your nose concerns you, particularly the nostrils and the overall nose width, a nose implant may be the solution.

To improve your overall appearance’s quality and satisfaction, you may go for a nostril reduction or an alar reduction, which will allow you to fulfill the goal of having a nose you are satisfied with.

Even for those with bigger nostrils, a nose reshaping procedure will help to get smaller nostrils. No matter the issue with your nose, a qualified, skilled cosmetic surgeon can reshape and refine it to enhance your natural beauty.

Here’s your guide to nose reshaping and everything in-between.

What is Nose reshaping in San Jose?

A nose reshaping surgery corrects the size, symmetry, and shape of a person’s nose by aligning it in a better fraction with the rest of the face. When done by a qualified, skilled cosmetic surgeon, a nose reshaping surgery can be a rewarding and life-improving procedure.

Patients often feel more confident and notice that their overall appearance has been beautified, as their nose looks more natural, just like the way they always wanted it to be.

Nose implant surgery before and after:

nose reshaping in san jose before and after

For nose implant and alar reduction in San Jose, the doctor uses lidocaine to numb the area so there is no pain. The patient will be given medication before the procedure to help alleviate any pain and anxiety.

Furthermore, different incision techniques may be used if the surgeon thinks that it will yield better results. The objective is to maintain a natural appearance at the bottom of the nose.

How Can Nose Implants Help to Reshape the Nose?

Nose implants are synthetic substances put in the nose to alter the nose’s shape, size, or overall structure. They are typically placed for the following reasons:

  • To enhance the shape of the nose
  • Improve the nasal airway by reforming the nasal valve

Moreover, the materials used for implants may vary, but La Bella Cosmetic Surgery in San Jose offers silicone-based implants and are safe for the body. When you are done with a nose reshaping surgery, the most significant difference you will notice after recovery is the boost in your confidence. A perfect nose adds to your attractiveness and supports confidence in your appearance.

What is Alar Reduction?

This nose-reshaping cosmetic procedure targets the base of the bottom of the nose or the base portion where your nostrils lie and aim to reduce the overall size to achieve a more harmonic and refined nose.

It can be considered as alar base reduction surgery in simpler terms and can be done on either/or the nostrils internally or externally. Every patient should know that the nostrils become more expansive when you smile, and this procedure will not stop that from happening. However, it will minimize the overall width of the nose.


How Does It Work?

The procedure is relatively straightforward, and therefore leaves the least amount of scaring.

nose reshaping in san jose how it works

There are two options for carrying out this procedure, with the primary concern being how complicated the case will be. If your nostrils are large, the procedure may be considered as complex.

But for a simpler procedure, a tiny part of the skin near the inner portion of the nose would be cut off to reduce scaring. The skin is reduced, and the nose is structured with rightly shaped, smaller nostrils. Regardless of how thick or stubborn the skin is, this procedure can be done for all types of skin.


Recovery Time

The swelling should resolve within a few days for a nose reshaping without surgery such as with dermal fillers; otherwise, it will take about 1 week to recover from an incisional procedure. You will have dissolvable sutures.

In addition to this, you may experience a little redness near the treated area until the nose is fully healed, which will take a few months. However, you can cover up the redness with some make-up. Still, surgeons recommend a no make-up policy until the incision has closed properly.


Nose Reshaping in San Jose

Are you a bit unsatisfied with your nose’s unpleasant shape? Do you want to make a change? A nose reshaping and alar reduction surgery in San Jose will be your best bet.

With several years of experience in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Dang will help you achieve the nose of your dreams. The surgeon does nose implants, internal alar reduction, as well as external alar reduction under local anesthesia.

To schedule a FREE consultation for nose reshaping and alar reduction in San Jose, call our office at 408-531-9970.




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