Radiesse in San Jose: An incredible way to brighten up your face

Radiesse in San Jose: An incredible way to brighten up your face Before and After

Radiesse in San Jose: An incredible way to brighten up your face

Several types of dermal fillers and picking the right style for your face will depend on various factors.

With all the available choices, Radiesse is a cosmetic filler that is used worldwide to diminish the appearance of lines, facial folds, and wrinkles. In addition to the lasting results, it works as a cosmetic filler that is FDA-approved in the USA to treat maxillofacial and oral defects.

Here, we will discuss everything about the Radiesse filling, including how it works and its benefits. Let’s begin.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a cosmetic filler designed to improve deep facial lines, folds, and wrinkles. It works by smoothing the structure of the skin from the inside by stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen.

Readers must know that collagen is an essential structural element of the skin, providing the skin with suppleness, tightness, and a youthful appearance. Collagen is lost as you age, causing the skin to develop wrinkles and lines.

With the restoration of collagen, Radiesse can dramatically beautify skin appearance and reduce wrinkles and facial lines.


Targeted Areas with Radiesse

A Radiesse filler can be used to:

  • Add volume to ignite sunken temples
  • Contour, volumize, and lift cheeks
  • Shape and define the jawline
  • Non-surgically reshape the nose
  • Improve marionette lines

Radiesse can be used almost anywhere on the body. The instructions exist for its use in the neck, décolletage, buttocks, arms, face, abdomen, thighs, and even the elbows.


How Does a Radiesse Filler Treatment Work in San Jose?

Radiesse is not like the other dermal fillers; it is made from calcium hydroxylapatite, a natural substance found in the body.

Radiesse works by encouraging natural collagen production, which offers the skin the lift and supports its demands to minimize wrinkles and lines.

Once done, Radiesse offers immediate volume enhancement, but its most potent results develop with time.

As time passes, the carrier gel in the filler is absorbed, leaving the calcium hydroxylapatite particles. Collagen appears around every sphere, improving the volume of the treated area.

Natural collagen production has been proved to continue for up to 80 weeks (1.5 years) after the cosmetic treatment is done.

Prefer to take a look at the Radiesse before and after results for amazement.

Radiesse in San Jose: An incredible way to brighten up your face Before and After

The Recovery

Patients who undergo Radiesse fillers require little to no downtime and can get back to their original routines within a day or two. As with any filler treatment, swelling, redness, and bruising may last for about 1-2 weeks.

Moreover, certain precautions are vital after treatment, such as avoiding extensive sun exposure and strenuous activities for at least two days until the redness or swelling goes away.


Radiesse In San Jose

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