Tummy tuck in San Jose: Slim your belly

tummy tuck in san jose slim your belly

Tummy tuck in San Jose: Slim your belly

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A well-maintained and in-shape body is a beautiful body. And a flat abdominal profile is the hallmark of a well-maintained body.
Having a loose tummy due to either excess skin or fat can make you feel insecure about your appearance. If you’ve been trying all sorts of exercises, diets, and remedies, and nothing seems to work, you should consider getting a tummy tuck!
A tummy tuck in San Jose, tailored to your needs, can improve your abdominal shape. Its effects last for years and also known as abdominoplasty.
Tummy tuck removes skin and fat and restores feebled muscles to create a firmer, smoother abdominal profile.
If you are willing to learn how a tummy tuck procedure in San Jose can reduce your belly’s appearance, keep reading!

About the Tummy Tuck Procedure in San Jose

It is a surgical method for removing excess fat and skin to create a slimmer body around the waistline. In addition to this, it tightens up the vertical wall muscles to develop a toned midsection.
Tummy tucks can also be done according to the requirements of each patient or from doctor recommendations (i.e. mini tuck vs. full tummy tuck). To this end, Dr. Dang offers tummy tuck surgery using tumescent anesthesia. If the patient feels any pain, she uses lidocaine.

The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck in San Jose

Cosmetic benefits are pretty much the only advantages you can gain from a tummy tuck.
tummy tuck in san jose slim your belly before and after
However, some studies suggest the procedure may be useful for some health conditions as well. They may include:

Ø  A better posture

Poor posture can be a sore side effect of an expanding abdominal area. When the abdominal muscles weaken, the back becomes curved to accommodate the additional weight, leaving individuals in pain.
A tummy tuck can restore tone and firmness to the abdominal area, improving posture and eliminating lower back pain.

Ø  Reduction of Stress Urinary Control

According to a publication in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal back in 2014, women who undergo tummy tuck procedures may witness an improvement in SUI symptoms.

Ø  Improvement in ventral hernia

Ventral hernias typically occur when there is a weakness in an abdominal muscle that makes the tissues push through. Indeed, hernias can be painful, affecting your ability to do specific tasks and quality of life.
A tummy tuck procedure can repair the weakened muscles. Other than that, the abdominal muscles are tightened to reduce the hernia from occurring again.

The Tummy Tuck Recovery

tummy tuck in san jose slim your belly recovery

Recovery from any form of abdominoplasty takes two weeks or maybe even two months. However, if you have a massive wound or had a large amount of fat and skin removed, you should prepare for a longer recovery than if you’ve had a small amount of tissue removed.
Moreover, the tummy tuck before and after will look like this:

tummy tuck in san jose slim your belly mother tummy
Keep the area dry and clean, and be sure to take good care of your wound and follow the instructions you received from your surgeon. Also, the visible scar from your tummy tuck surgery may not fade easily – it may take one year. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your tummy covered in the sunlight.

Tummy Tuck in San Jose

Are you planning to get a tummy tuck in San Jose? Consult a certified cosmetic surgeon! The doctor at La Bella Cosmetic Surgery is a professional and qualified surgeon who will enhance your tummy’s shape by reducing unwanted skin and fat.
To schedule a FREE consultation for a tummy tuck procedure, call our office at 408-531-9970.


Check these Post-operative instructions to get the best of your operation.




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