Breast Augmentation in San Jose

Breast Augmentation in San Jose

Breast Augmentation in San Jose

There is no denying it; breast augmentation in San Jose is an on-going trend. Celebrities aren’t the cause of this; in fact, it’s general women. Those who associate a certain idealism with their body and want to feel more special want this change.

For the past decade, no other cosmetic surgery has been more popular than breast augmentation. Ever since silicone implants have made their impressive comeback, breast augmentation has a popular rank among other cosmetic surgeries.

Breast augmentation can do more than transform your body. They can change your entire life.

While the physical benefits and transformations are easy to notice after getting implants, reductions, or lifts, what isn’t apparent is the psychological and social benefits of breast augmentation.

Many psychological breast augmentation-related pieces of research claim that after surgery, you became a different you from both in and out.

Still, the question stands, what made breast augmentation so unexpectedly popular? This article tries to answer just that!


Why Women Opt for Breast Augmentation in San Jose

The reasons are multiple and multi-dimension!

1.      It brings confidence and boosts self-esteem.

Having fuller, healthier breasts makes many women feel more confident, self-assured, pretty, and alluring. Additionally, the surgery makes them feel more feminine and overpowering than ever.

2.      Irregular breast size

This reason is common among many women; asymmetrical breasts, meaning one breast is larger than the other. This condition is the result of growth spurts during puberty, uneven estrogen, and many related factors.

Breast augmentation can even out their bust line, reflecting a “normal” appearance.

3.      Women want to improve their sex life.

Women who get breast implants experience enhanced levels of sexual satisfaction.

4.      The procedure helps them look younger.

As women age, their breasts become smaller and saggy. Silicone gel implants have proven to lift and restore a feeling of youthfulness to the overall figure.

5.      Pregnancy has caused a defect in their breast shape.

Indeed, losing baby weight is a significant accomplishment for most women, but after nursing, their breasts lose their shape. Therefore, breast implants are an excellent way of restoring their pre-baby body.


Most Common Types of Breast Implants

In today’s age, the two most popular styles of breast augmentation are the following:


1)      Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants carry sterile salt water and are certified for women over 18. On the other hand, saline breast implants have lost their popularity due to the high preference of silicone gel implants.

Still, they remain an affordable option for many women.

Benefits of Saline Breast Implants

  • The saline procedure is extremely safe for the body
  • These implants offer the best upper pole projection and fullness
  • Requires minimum incision, as the implant is not pre-filled
  • The most affordable form of breast enhancement
  • Raptures are easy to discover
  • It is a good option for women who do not have equal breast sizes


2)      Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Silicone gel implants are entitled as “gummy bear” or more stable breast implants. They are best known for being firmer and thicker than other saline implants.

The Benefits of Silicone Gel Implants

  • Great for long-term benefits
  • Available in both teardrop and round shapes
  • The silicone gel procedure looks more natural


The Healing Process


Usually, two weeks are required for recovery. It might take longer if you develop certain complications, like an implant leak or infection.

To have a smooth recovery, make sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions. Wear a recovery bra, and follow the directions of taking care of your incision sites. Moreover, take plenty of rest and eat healthily, which will speed the recovery process.


The Best Place for Breast Augmentation in San Jose, you say?

Are you considering getting breast augmentation surgery in San Jose, CA? Dr. Dang has over 13 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and can help you flaunt the body of your dreams.

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